Siemens DC speed governor is a kind of motor speed regulating device, including motor DC governor, pulse width DC speed governor, other DC speed governor, etc. Generally, it is a modular DC motor governor, which integrates power supply, control and drive circuit, adopts three-dimensional structure layout, control circuit adopts micro-power consumption components, and uses optoelectronic. The coupler realizes the isolation transformation of current and voltage, and the proportional constant, integral constant and differential constant of the circuit are adjusted by PID adapter. It has the characteristics of small volume and light weight. It can be used alone or installed directly on the DC motor to form an integrated DC speed regulating motor. It can have all the functions that the governor should have.

DC electronic governor is the equipment to regulate the speed of DC motor. Because DC motor has the characteristics of low speed and high torque, it cannot be replaced by AC motor.

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DC speed governor is required for the following occasions:
1, a wider speed range is needed.
2, faster dynamic response process is needed.
3, excessive and automatic smoothing during acceleration and deceleration.
4, large torque is needed at low speed.
5, better excavator characteristics are required to limit the overload current to the set current.

The above five points are also the application characteristics of DC speed governor, including CNC machine tools, paper printing, textile printing and dyeing, optical cable and cable equipment. Packaging machinery, electrical machinery, food processing machinery, rubber machinery, biological equipment, printed circuit board equipment, experimental equipment, welding cutting, light industrial machinery, logistics conveying equipment, locomotives, vehicles, medical equipment, communication equipment, radar equipment, satellite ground receiving system

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