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LED has officially become a mature TV technology.For the last four years, LG’s TVs with OLED panels — that’s organic light emitting diode screens — have taken top honors for picture quality in almost every site and papers’ reviews. Every year they beat the best LCD-based TVs, and every year, their new TVs are the only ones to bag the first prize in the review section.

And here it is, history repeating itself. As of April 2018, the LG C8 is the best TV the critics have ever reviewed, beating the 2017 Sony and LG OLED TVs by thin competition. What tipped the bar in oled65c8pua’s side is its advantages, which are really minor, including slightly better screen uniformity and ephemeral new video processing options.However, anybody who would’ve bought a 2017 OLED TV can explicitly see that the newest version isn’t significantly better as well as has a rather odd stand. For anybody who wants to save money by getting a 2017 OLED TV on closeout now, rather than waiting until this fall for the C8 to drop in price, consider this review a positively influencing outtake.

  1. Decent Smart TV:

The LG oled65c8puais the best 65-inch TV. It has the perfect blacks, which proves to be great for dark room viewing. It also has an excellent picture quality, excellent HDR performance and the image remains the same, even if viewed from different angles.it is a plus point, especially if you have a large room andpeople will be watching from the side. The TV also has remarkable motion handling and a nearly instantaneous response time, which is great for gaming or sports. The input lag is very low and this makes the TV very responsive and thus suitable for use as a PC monitor or for playing video games.

LG’s Web OS menu system is usually nice and snappy; however, it’s basically unchanged from last year. It can be perceived that LG still lacks the innovative extras and app-based setup, as compared to Samsung’s 2018 Tizen system, and falls well short of the app coverage of Roku TV or Sony’s Android TV. If you want more apps, your best bet is to get an external streamer, but it’s worth mentioning that only one, the Apple TV 4K, can support Dolby Vision.

The remote is the same as the 2017 model’s. It is a favorable thing, of using its motion control to whip around the screen, something that’s particularly helpful when signing into apps or search something, using an on-screen keyboard. Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps and content using webOS 3.5. The scroll wheel is also great for moving through apps, like those seemingly infinite thumbnail rows on Netflix and Amazon. Both of those apps get dedicated launch buttons on the remote, if it’s not mentioned. However, as compared to other TVs’ remote, this one’s doesn’t come with special logo-infused key for Google Assistant. It’s a good thing that LG’s 2018 sets will soon include Assistant, which you can have access to, by pressing the plain-Jane mic button.

  1. Elegant and sleek design:

What critics love about this TV is the LG’s minimalist OLED designs in the past, but the 2018 C8 is more of a miss in my book. The included stand is really wide, almost the same width as the panel, and it scoops up to either side. Most of the people would rather prefer the much cleaner look of the narrower, angular stand of the C7 from last year.The Dimensions of this beauty, without the stand is 57.2” x 32.8” x 1.8”, which is quite big, yet not that big. Of course, you could always ditch the stand and just wall-mount the TV and bask in its gloriously optimum minimalism. There’s less than a half-inch of black frame around the picture itself to the top and sides. Then there’s a bit more below, but no trace of silver, not even the logo of the company or any other indicative thing at all.

  1. The Picture Quality:

It has the ability of pairing 4k Ultra HD picture clarity. The resolution it offers is 3840 x 2160. OLED does not even require a backlight giving it deep blacks and making it extremely thin, almost paper thin. The picture quality improvements in LG’s 2018 OLED Ultra HDTVs is not exactly a dramatic upgrade over the company’s superb 2017 sets. However, they are accompanied by a new Alpha 9 processor, an autocalibration option, and a few new, exciting and updated features. LG has gathered all of these capabilities under the “LG ThinQ AI” rubric. While the Artificial Intelligence claim may be a bit overstated, that’s where the market is going and LG is not alone in it. It can get a bad review, if adding a blinding blizzard of do-everything stuff makes the screen interface too complex for the average user. He simply might want to turn on his or her TV and watch a movie. And yet, while this TV certainly delivers most of the things gadget-savvy viewers want, most of which one wouldn’t possibly dream of needing, the critics emphasizes that there is a slight but certain improvement, in providing the best image quality possible at an approachable price.

To get this sleek thing at a cheaper rate, you could always use Jet coupon code! It is not perfect as it runs the risk of temporary image retention and permanent burn-in. However, this is more likely to happen if you display static content, like news banners or channel logos, over prolonged periods, so we don’t expect most people to experience this, with normal, varied use.When this TV was reviewed after its launch, many people, including the critics wondered if it had the capability of being the perfect TV. Ultimately, the answer to that question was found out to be negative, because the company’s new models are even better. Not by much, however—LG’s changes for their recent products are evolutionary, not revolutionary. But if your budget allows it, and you don’t require the higher peak brightness that LCD UHDTVs provide, you’d be a fool not to give this TV a very serious look.

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