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A renowned doctor once said, “Measuring the quality of healthcare is substantial to stand the health system better, leading to improved care.” Quality measurement of healthcare facilities is the procedure in which the data collected is used to stand the patient better. Thus, they can provide better and improved care

In the past decades, technology has played a significant role in the medical fields. With time, artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped to improve the healthcare systems. Thus, the patients have been benefited a lot in all aspects.

Patient Satisfaction: Major Factor for increment in Hospital’s Trust

Just like in business, customer satisfaction the key to success in the majority of the aspects, same is the case with Hospitals and Health Care departments. Here, the satisfaction of patients is the primary factor for increment in Hospital’s trust.

For instance, a guy with fractured bone came to your hospital. He wants to get treated as soon as possible. Even if you take a few more days than other hospitals to treat your patient, it won’t matter much. What’s important is that your patient should get the best treatment. Once he gets all well, the “word of mouth” will work for you automatically.

In this way, the news will spread among other similar patients. Finally, you will be able to treat more and more customers with increasing time. You will automatically develop trust in a hell lot of patients. Astonishing, isn’t it?

How to get benefits from Patient’s Feedbacks?

Taking quality feedbacks from your patients is substantial as well. This will help you understand the issues better. These feedbacks can be used to improve the treatment by:

  1. Preventing the underuse, overuse, and misuse of medicines and other medical services. Thus, this ensures the safety of the patient.
  2. Identifying the exact methods that are of use and that are of no use. This will ensure the improvement in treatment.
  3. Holding the doctors and other staff members accountable to provide the best possible care and treatment.
  4. Helping patients to make better choices for their issues and care and
  5. Addressing and measuring the patient’s mind to know how care is delivered under any specific circumstances.

Advantages of using Kiosks at the bedside

Well, you might be wondering what actually a kiosk is? Technically, Kiosks are the standalone tablets with fixed task. You might have seen these devices in malls, restaurants or supermarkets collecting feedback from the customers. They help in collecting and analyzing the data based on their desires. If you use them effectively, they could help you a lot in improving the hospital’s trust among patients

These Kiosks with Patient Feedback System installed can:

  1. Securely execute the set of queries added through dashboard from the Hospital Feedback System
  2. Securely upload the feedback reports to the database with ease.
  3. Collect data from different locations at the same time.

The reports generated from the feedbacks are highly configurable. As these reports are sent to the management in real-time, they can help the patients as soon as possible. In this way, the issues faced by the patients are understood in real-time.

Assign the Teams to Solve the Issues Quickly

Well, now that you know very well how the feedback systems work, you can improve a lot. The first step you should take is to assign different teams for different purposes like cleaning, etc. For every specific need of the patient, a different team should be assigned.

This will help the patients and staff members understand everything in a better way. Wondering how? Well, as I have told you earlier that these tools send the real-time notification alerts to the management.

Thus, the patients will be satisfied with the amazing technology used at your hospitals


This post clearly concludes that the Patient’s Feedbacks are one of the significant factors in treating the patient effectively. How did you like the concept of Patient Feedback Systems in Hospitals & Healthcare? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Feel free to drop feedbacks and ask any queries regarding this topic. We will try to respond you as soon as possible. Moreover, for awesome content like this, don’t forget to follow our social media handles.

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