Best Ideas for Creating a Beautiful Craftsman Style Home

Craftsman homes have increased their appeal in recent years. These elegant homes share warm features such as spacious porches, gable decorations, and sloping roofs. Many homeowners find the Craftsman style of architecture appealing.

Adding some Craftsman elements to your existing home can be a fun project. You might be surprised at the transformation that you can create for a minimal investment. Here are some top ideas for creating a beautiful Craftsman-style home on a budget.

Add Warmth to Your Entryway

One of the defining elements of a Craftsman home is a warm and inviting entryway. Think Thomas Kinkade here and you’ll be on the right track. The door of your home should be a focal point which presents a welcoming vibe.

Try adding some planters that coordinate with the colors of your front door and trim. Be sure to select plants that also evidence warmth in their hues. You can also add things like columns and urns. Just be sure to keep everything symmetrical. When it comes to the front door, stick with earthy colors such as a rich stain.

Get Creative with Gables

Decorative gables have always been a hallmark of Craftsman and Victorian homes. It is easier than ever today to use cedar gables and accents to alter a home’s exterior. You can have these gables custom made at an affordable price, and installation is relatively simple for those with basic handyman skills.

Gables are a great way to give your home that true Craftsman aesthetic. When used properly they appear to be an original feature of the home that reflect an appreciation for workmanship.

Add Wooden Brackets and Cedar Corbels for a Rustic Feel

There is a rustic element to Craftsman-style homes that cannot be ignored. One of the best ways to implement this style is by using cedar corbels and wooden brackets to enhance the eaves of a home. These areas of a home’s exterior can easily draw the eye when they are spruced up with cedar corbels.

Wood corbels come in a large variety of sizes, and they are easy enough to install. One of the great things about choosing cedar accents is the ability of cedar to resist rot and insects. These additions to your home will last for many years.

Use Stone for an Arts and Crafts Style

A common feature of Craftsman-style homes is stone. It can be used to create foundations, porch posts and columns, and so much more. Admittedly, this type of project requires a little more expense and planning. The extra effort is worth the expense because natural stone has a beauty that is hard to match.

For the homeowner that wants to add Craftsman accents to an existing home, the key is to use stone wisely. You don’t need to remodel the entire porch, for example. Creating some stone pillars on either side of the porch stair can render a cozy effect.

Use Cottage Features

Cottage features like flower window boxes can go a long way toward a Craftsman-inspired makeover. You might also want to consider wood shutters in different styles. The goal is to replicate something you might encounter in an English countryside.

When choosing flower window boxes and other accessories it pays to give strong consideration to PVC. PVC window boxes and planters have the visual appeal of wood and can be painted in many colors, but the durability of the boxes is increased.

If you are planning on a remodel for your home that includes Craftsman-style elements, take some time to think about the big picture. Get inspiration from paintings, photographs, and other homes in your neighborhood. Think creatively about how to achieve your makeover without an extensive build. You’ll reap a pleasant satisfaction when your Craftsman home begins to take shape.

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