A Top-Notch Guide on How to “Steal” Competitors’ Backlinks the Legal Way

I am sure that anyone who has ever run a business online dreamt about a sharp spike in traffic in a short period of time.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to reach this from the start. It takes months or even years.

However, you can speed up the growth of traffic that comes to your website. You can reach this with the help of your competitors. By the way, I am not kidding.

The only thing you will have to do is to read this post from A to Z. I will teach you a few awesome tricks that will help you by all means.

Shall we begin?

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  1. Start with Monitoring and Fixing Competitor’s Broken Links

One of the methods to find the opportunity of acquiring new backlinks is to search for broken links. The main trick here is that these links must belong to your competitors.

How to find these broken links?

You can use different SEO tools but I prefer using Site Explorer tool with its “Broken backlinks” report:

The report provides you with the list of backlinks that are broken and located on some websites. You need to choose the website where a broken link is located. Afterwards, write some piece of content on the same topic and get ready to offer it to a website’s editor. That’s it.

  1. Spy on Your Competitors Activity

The best way to stay ahead of the competitors is to know everything about their latest updates.  It doesn’t mean that you will have to spend hours and even days monitoring their social media channels to be among the first who has found out the fresh news. You can make this “spying”  automated.

Likely, you can set up ‘alerts’ that would inform you about all the backlinks your competitors have gained:

Furthermore, you can always be aware of any brand mention of your competitors (and your own one) throughout the net:

What’s more important, you can track the keywords that your competitors use as well:

Three types of alerts that will help you get more of competitors backlinks.

  1. Pay Attention to the Most Shareable Content  of Your Competitors

This kind of strategy is focused on searching for your competitors’ content that has the highest number of social shares.

If the content has lots of social shares, it means that it resonates with a target audience. And it generates a ton of traffic as a result.

However, how to find this “best” content?

Site Explorer tool offers you a wonderful report called “Top content”:

You can see the list of your competitor’s posts with the number of shares on socials like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Go ahead and find the piece of content that rings the bell.

Other than that you can find what content rocks in terms of backlinks it has. The report “Best by links” will reveal you the stats:

  1. Don’t Shy Away from the Sites https://valiumsedative.com/anti-anxiety-medications/ That Link to Your Competitors but Don’t Link to Your Website

I am sure you’ve met the cases when your competitors are featured on some awesome websites but there is no single mention of your brand. No doubts, you wouldn’t mind getting links from the same websites as well.

You can hit upon a random website that doesn’t include a link back to your resource accidentally. But how to find the websites that link to your competitors but don’t link to your site?

Link Intersect tool will do this job for you:

Now click the “Show link opportunities” button:

From the stats above you see that there are 1.4K domains that link to these three competitors but don’t link to our brand. Now, skim through the opportunities and find the best ones you might like to have a link from.

  1. Search for Guest Post Opportunities with the Help of Your Competitors

I am pretty sure that guest blogging is one of the most legit ways to build links. Nevertheless, you can face the issue when you don’t have any blog on your mind to contribute to.

What to do then?

I recommend you to use these simple ways to find new guest blogging opportunities with the help of your competitors:

  • Google search

Go to Google and use the following ‘formula’:

“Author name” + “guest post” -site:competitordomain.com -site:https:twitter.com

And here is how to apply it practically:

  • ‘Author page’ search

This way of searching guest post opportunities requires using another ‘formula’:

“Author name” + inurl:author

  • Image search

As you already guessed you will have to use author’s image for searching the content that features author’s avatar:

Put a query author:”Author name” and reap the benefits:

  1. Research Competitor’s Branded Home Page Links

Link-building is as painstaking process as hell. What’s more important, it’s super-hard to review each link manually. Nevertheless, if you want to get the link that looks promising, you will have to find it at all costs.

Site Explorer will help you with this.

Add a link to a Site Explorer tool and set the filter to “URL Exact URL” option:

Afterwards, click on “Anchors” report in a “Backlink profile” section. You should look for branded or naked URLs. To find them, click on “Details/Referring Domains” tab and voila:

If you want, you can export the results into a spreadsheet and review each opportunity later on.

To Sum Up

I believe that this piece of content has proven you that it is possible to “steal” competitors’ backlinks without any issues. These six simple but actionable strategies will help you get the best links your website deserves.

Use these top-notch tricks and make your site rank high on Google.

I am waiting for your comments!

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Author’s bio: Sergey Aliokhin is a Marketing Manager at Ahrefs. Apart from working at Ahrefs he likes spending his time with family, studying martial arts and plucking fat bass guitar strings.

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