10 Things You Didn’t Know About CPR

Ever seen a dramatic scene on TV or in movies about rescuing the victim by CPR? This clearly indicates the popularity of the CPR, these days. But, the sad news is that still many people have not gotten this training of CPR. Efforts have been made to get people aware more about the importance of training of CPR. And, so somehow it has resulted efficiently. The efforts have been encouraged by the people, and so have become increased to save the lives.

At the same time, you can’t ignore some of the important things about CPR. In fact, it can be said that many people are unaware of these facts:

  • CPR can be performed at home:

There is much likelihood that you have to perform CPR at home, rather than other places. Because of the fact that 80 percent of the cardiac arrest occurs at home, the chances of performing CPR at home is necessary. Life is unpredictable, especially cardiac arrest. It can occur at any age. To make the things happen accurately, the device can be used easily at home after a little training. The fact is that a cardiac arrest victim who receives medical assistance at home is twice as likely to survive a month later.

  • The Majority of bystander Won’t Give CPR:

Yes, it is very true. In spite of having a proper training of CPR, most people can’t perform well. Since it is the matter of life and death, many people have the fear that they would not perform it correctly. In fact, research showed that sometimes people having no training has done better than the people who have training.

  • The Ability to Perform CPR Is Dependent on Body Strength:

There is no age limit for learning the training of CPR. The only thing you need is the body strength. Even, the children at the age of nine can perform this effectively by using AED in Singapore. Also, the training they get in their schools makes them enough confidence that they have survival techniques and the medical services tips.

  • Every Minute Counts in CPR:

When breathing of a person https://valiumsedative.com/diazepam/ stops, the chances are that severe serious conditions may happen. So, a single minute counts in this condition. Stopping of blood flow interrupt the brain and resultantly, brain cells may become dead. The whole process is of only four to six minutes but may lead a person to death. After that, if CPR is not provided, a person’s survival chances become less by ten percent. So, the training allows individuals not to hesitate while performing CPR.

  • The memory of CPR Skills and Knowledge Tends to Fade Fairly Quickly:

CPR training must be revised on a regular basis. No matter, they are police officers, nurses, or other professionals. The reason is that methods and techniques revise after a certain interval, and so knowing about them is mandatory. Also, it will help them out in reminding what needs to be done, with the chance to stay up-to-date with the latest and innovative CPR techniques.

  • Laws Are Made For Protect Those Performing CPR:

The reason for not performing CPR may be also that bystanders have fear of doing something wrong. Sometimes, they are unaware that the methods have encompassed by national laws. Different nations have different laws for protecting it. And, so there should not be any doubt in giving assistance.

  • CPR Is Useful for Causes Other Than Heart Attacks:

CPR is associated with a heart attack only. But, the fact is that CPR is useful in different situations also. Like, for example, if the person is suffering from choking or suffocation, or is affected by drug overdose, the CPR can be used. For infants and child, the case may be of drowning and choking. While adults having the age of 65 or above have mainly the heart issues.

Bottom Line—CPR Saves Lives:

So, the bottom line is that the training of CPR is necessary, no matter the factors are. The only need is to spread awareness about enrolling more in the training of CPR and AED. AED Singapore has become essential in all walks of life. So, get the training now and remove your worries for any emergency.

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