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Hey, buddy wondering how to crab your growing expenses.

How can some extra income help you out meet your growing demand then there comes newskhabri

 today we are going to talk about such an important topic method of online earning


Friends you might have come across many blogs on Google or videos on YouTube in which you are told earn 2 lakh in 1 hour and this much in less time and so on… sound fascinating

so many fake videos or blog are trending and you may find them very easily

 what’s different today we are going to talk about some genuine way from which you can earn 100% real money but for that, you need to go through blog till the end.

 I promise you if you remain patient you will get to know everything step by step and no question or confusion would be there.

So let’s talk about very first way and very popular Fiverr,

fiverr is a well-known website to give and take services, of course, these are paid.

on this online platform, you can give your service or Take services you want starting from just $5 only

so if you want any service like backlink, video editing, article writing you can get them very easily

for example, if you know how to make creative video Intro then you can go and make any product Intro on YouTube or if you are good in painting or any other field of your interest then you can do that work for others even you can make a website, do some data entry for others

 so for what you are waiting for join or sign up today on Fiverr and choose work according to your interest and search work according to it and earn.

blogger khabari

that was the first way now the second way


affiliate marketing

A very common scenario but the question arises what is affiliate marketing? how does it work?

It is a platform offered by which E-Commerce giants like Amazon Flipkart eBay and many more. member join the affiliate program promote their product and earn a handsome profit out of it.

For this you need a website if you are not having a website never mind you may create a blog or even that is not possible then you can use YouTube create a channel and use it as a platform for affiliation what you have to do is to become member of this program,

 friends you need to go to Google type amazon. Affiliate or Flipkart. affiliate

You would find all program websites simple click on that, on them then generate some links and post these links into your website or blog and share them Touchwood if anyone buy from that link you will get Commission for selling them which is shown in your account and as soon as you cross the threshold limit it  is transferred in your account really an awesome way to make money!!!

Third way but I don’t prefer it


 in this way you need to buy old good but in cheap and then you can resell them with your margin of profit on them sites like OLX, Quikr, for example, you can buy phone and resell it by adding ₹ 200 to ₹300 this is also a good way to earn some extra moneystats checkr newskhabari

Friends next way is


you might think about how Facebook can help you earn some money? how can make money through it? Facebook doesn’t Run such type of program either offer anything like that for earning from Facebook if you are admin of any page which has many likes and followers then you can run advertisement on your page or do some paid posting  but, remember you must have a handsome number of followers so that you can make a good revenue out of it not more successful way but nor a bad way to earn.

But now last but not the least my favourite way


yes, from YouTube people make tons of money . if you have interest in making videos uploading them

Showing your creativeness to other than YouTube is the best platform which offers you free of cost service you can monetize your videos and then if you have a good number of views people love watching your videos then you will be getting money from ads with would be showing up on your videos

Google AdSense run the advertisement on videos if watch time is good in this field you can start from scratch and make it go to the high level

Friends share the blog among your friends help them also to earn some extra bucks and motivate us by sharing it.


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