Stay Respected and Protected By Wearing Hijab Scarf

Hijab is not only covering your head but it means covering over all. Hijab includes covering your head, your face or the whole body. It is specifically ordered for the Muslim females to wear hijab before going in front of any non-related adult male. Muslim females should wear hijab scarf so that they could be respected socially and stay protected. It is a personal choice of Muslim females to cover themselves however they want but mostly the females prefer to cover their head.

Since fashion is everywhere nowadays and everyone likes to stay up to date to roll in the society so even the Muslim females who wear hijab want to be stylish and look presentable. There are different types of hijab scarf available in the market which looks beautiful. You need to see what shape of face you have and select the style of scarf according to that.

Different kinds of fabrics are available for the hijab scarfs. Pashmina, cotton, silk and polyester are considered the most by the Muslim females. Pashmina is a little bit expensive to wear so they are worn occasionally but they look beautiful and very pleasant. There are different designs available for pashmina. Plain scarfs also look good and you can match it with the dress you wear on daily basis. Silky fabric doesn’t really stay on your head so it is better to get a hijab cap and wear it under the scarf so that they scarf stays on place and doesn’t disturb you again and again.

You can either pin up the scarf by wrapping it around your head or you can tie the two ends on your chin by taking the square scarf and folding it in a triangular shape, wrap it around the head and fold the ends on the chin. This looks beautiful and usually worn by the Muslim females in eastern countries. Stoles could be worn as a hijab scarf as well but you have to make sure that no hair is visible; they are good in winters because they are warm and can keep you protected by the cold weather as well.

You can make any style of the hijab scarf you want but by keeping under consideration that hair are completed covered in front of non-related adult males. It is a big decision to wear a hijab all your life long but if you decide it once, stay firm on it.


The word hijab comes from the Arabic word “hajab” meaning to adumbrate from view or to conceal. Women, who don’t reveal their beauty in this society and give in to this brutal and bleak system, are looked upon as invisible, without sexuality and backward. In instructing us to wear the Muslim women hijab, Allah has given us what we can bear of injunctions and obligations.

For Allah says:

“And we do not lay on any soul a burden except to the extent of its ability, and with us (God) is a Book which speaks the truth…”

Unfortunately, Satan and his adherents are calling the Muslim woman to enthrall and imprison her to the creation, and to forget about her bonds to her Creator. Devotion, modesty, purity and piety are deceptively marked as obstructions on personal freedom while wearing Muslim women hijab.

According to these “emancipated” women, the hijab not only covers the head, but also covers the mind, appetite and intellect. They say that our dress code is outdated and oppressive, and it stops us from being productive human beings. They speak out of blindness when they say that our hijab does not belong in these modern times, when due to the constant decrease in ethical values in the world today, circumstances and surroundings make the hijab even more necessary.

The majority of Muslim women hijab wearers aim to obey God, and to be known as respectable women. However, in the last 30 years’ hijab has emerged as a sign of Islamic consciousness. Many women see wearing the hijab as indicative of their desire to be part of an Islamic revival, especially in countries where the practice of Islam is discouraged or even forbidden.

Allah’s Messenger (SAW) said,

“Allah is modest and covering. He loves modesty and privacy.” [Abu Daawood, An-Nasaa’i Al- Bayhaqi, Ahmad].

When women make a dazzling display of themselves, with bawdy clothes, perfumed bodies and made-up faces, it serves to increase the sexual anomaly of the overall society. Many of those who are bumsteer however, would have us think that the hijab is a portable prison that constricts our life, mind and hearts. It is none of these things, and in order not to fall victim to their plots, we must begin to understand what the hijab truly is- a source of abolition, dignity and barrier To sum up, the Muslim woman hijab is a way to abandon all of the ways of the exposed women, and adopt the ways of those who are modest through their love and practice of the proper Islamic Hijab.


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