Most popular courses to study in australia

Study in Australia is a smart decision in the end because apart from the plethora, of course, works to choose from and renowned academic institutes, Australia has successfully excelled in a diverse set of fields like engineering to management, from tourism to hospitality.

Before deciding on to the final coursework, you are advised to go through the reviews of the students who have enrolled themselves in the same. Also, have a priority list of the courses and the institutes.

This article might guide you in a right way. Here we give a short discussion on some of the most fruitful courses to opt for if you are planning to study in Australia.

MBA in Australia:-

Home to some of the top business schools in the world, MBA in Australia serves as the most appropriate gateway to the corporate world. The exposure you get as the student and the trainee here can be the most important step for the personal and professional


Name Of The College Tuition Fees(Average) (In Australian Dollar) Duration (Months)
Melbourne Business School 81400 12
Australian Graduate School of Management 77760 16
University of Sydney 25000 18
The University of Queensland Business School 66144 12
ANU College of Business and Economics 39024 24

Engineering in Australia:-

Australia offers many specializations in engineering. Surveys engineering has shown that in recent times the enrolment for engineering courses has increased. Likewise, the employment opportunities in different sectors are also increasing. Consequently, engineering has been one of the topmost streams to opt for international students. Some of the top specializations in engineering are Civil, Mechanical, Aviation, Electronics, Mining, Chemical engineering to name a few.


Name Of The College Tuition Fees(Average) (In Australian Dollar)
University of Melbourne 30000
University of New South Wales 39000
University of Sydney 39000
Monash University 49000
University of Queensland 34000

Sports Management in Australia:-

Quite naturally, this particular course is very famous in Australia as this country holds a very special place with regard to sports. Every year many international students show interest and enrol themselves for this course. The Australian sports industry has been growing in an exceptional rate and the future is secured. Some of the top areas in which the students actually end up enrolling are in the fields of national sports organizations and institutes, major event corporations, professional sports leagues and teams etc. some of the leading universities are


Name Of The College Tuition Fees(Average) (In Australian Dollar)
Griffith University 25,000 – 30,000
The University of Western Australia 36,000-40,000
University of Technology Sydney 19,840-34,080
La Trobe Business School 28,460-30,000
Deakin University 16000-30000


Hospitality and Tourism Management:

The tourist business is actually very famous in this country because of the soothing weather and many attractive tourist spots. Thus, specialization in this area has become one of the most popular courses in Australia. In addition, the course structure focuses more on training the business strategy, leadership abilities, and managerial skills rather than practicing only the theoretical knowledge. This course has become one of the top courses in Australia with time. The topmost universities offer a number of specializations like Hotel management, Event Management, Tourism Management and Marketing, Strategic planning and management, event design, conference coordination, eco-tourism among others.


Name Of The College Tuition Fees(Average) (In Australian Dollar)
Griffith University 25000-30000
University of Queensland 34600-40000
La Trobe Business School 26000-30000
Victoria University 35000-40000
Monash University 28400-30000


Accounts and finance in Australia:

Surveys show that few of the topmost universities in Australia hold a world record for being the best universities in this special coursework. This has been another top course in Australia to opt for the international students. Accountant, financial planner, chief financial officer, Tax agent, Budget manager are some of the lucrative job positions for the students opting for this course. Some of the top universities offering these courses are


Name Of The College Tuition Fees(Average) (In Australian Dollar)
Australian National University 34,800
The University of Melbourne 37000
The University of Sydney 40000
The University of Queensland 32000
The University of New South Wales 41000


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