Medical Tourism Companies in India- saving lives!

Medical tourism in India has seen an enormous growth. In the past few years, India has become an eminent destination for providing the best medical care. Medical tourism companies in India have been a savior for people seeking the medical help.

Several people visit India to seek high-quality treatment. Medical tourism is preferred in India as it excels in a variety of procedures, especially those which are related to cosmetic, neurology, cardiology, orthopedic and transplant surgeries.

Based on recent reports it was found that India welcomes most of the patients from Bangladesh which is followed by Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and other African and Asian countries.

A large number of patients from abroad have so far profited the best treatment centers in India. They have been effectively treated by a portion of the well experienced and prepared doctors in the nation and have securely returned back to their native country with their own success stories.

Success story of a patient from Afghanistan:
Mahdi Hasan,a young boy from Ghazni, Afghanistan is a very lively boy. He wanted to be a policeman and play football like Ronaldo. His father was very emotional while Mahdi went under the life saving surgery which was conducted to mend a hole in his heart.
His father just wanted a speedy recovery of Mahdi and was very sure that he will get the best treatment in India. He said that he was afraid to come to India as he though it would cost him a lot. His income was meager and he was desperate to get the treatment done. But after the treatment, this 59-year old man was satisfied by the cost and quality of the treatment. He seemed confident and was happy after watching his son’s condition that was improved.
He gives all the credit to the medical tourism company that helped him to get connected to the best doctor and hospital.

Success story of a patient from Bangladesh:
Arafat Hossain, a 45- year old man cam to India for getting the liver transplant. He was suggested by many people to come to India as it is the best destination to get treated.
The team of doctors at the hospital conducted a single surgery to perform liver transplant. The surgery was completed successfully. It lasted for a period of over 10 hours and was together performed by a team of nearly 40 medical professionals.

After the surgery, the family returned back to their home with satisfaction and was really happy with the efforts of the doctors in India.

The family members were very comfortable as they got a budget-friendly accommodation by the medical tourism company and also they got the best suitable hospital where the treatment was carried out.

Success story of a patient from Pakistan:

Basit is one of the numerous Pakistanis who travel to India every year for different medical services since they are either not accessible in Pakistan or are not of a decent quality. A center of medical tourism, India draws in many patients consistently from not simply Pakistan but rather everywhere throughout the world.

Basit was suffering from cancer and the doctors here fought their tooth and nail to save him.

Medical tourism companies in India cares for providing the best treatment regardless of the religion. They focus on giving the services to everyone seeking their help. Basit and his family got a comfortable stay and a cost effective treatment.

Medical Tourism Companies in India has been a friend in need for many people seeking medical care from other countries. There are many services that these companies provide. The services are as follows:

  1. Accommodation: Medical tourism companies will help you to find a budget friendly accommodation for your comfortable stay.
  2. Airport Pick up and Drop: They will provide you with the airport pick up and drop to make sure, that you reach your destination safely
  3. Payment Options: They will take care to provide you with the most convenient way of all the transactions.
  4. Visa Assistance: M-visa is introduced by the government of India for the people who are seeking medical help in our country. As soon as you give your passports, the request letter is sent to the embassy. One copy of it will be sent to you, and then you can continue with your treatment.

5.Interpretation Services: Language is one of the topmost obstacles in getting a medical care from another country. Medical tourism companies in India will provide you with the interpreter for your smooth treatment process.

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