Comprehensive Local SEO Tips to Outrank Your Competitors

It was not long back when all the local businesses used yellow pages to make themselves visible to the prospective customers. The popularity of the internet has changed the marketing landscape. Today, Google has become the new yellow pages with nearly 95% of the population searching for the local services they require on it. You would require a well-planned SEO strategy to enhance your search visibility and the following local SEO tips will help you with this.

Today, search engines, especially Google, have the absolute right for deciding which websites will be displayed in the first few places of their SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). This may include the local results too along with the organic ones. The users find it very convenient and satisfactory to get what they need and often they end up calling the first few choices that pop up. Thus, these search engine rankings play a major role in the success and failure of any business today. You hire any digital marketing agency in India and it will focus its strategy to make your business rank higher in these searches.

SEO is definitely an imperative and ever-evolving practice. Whether it is an SEO company in Bangalore or anywhere else, they have to understand its importance to survive in the online competitive world. Often while stressing on organic SEO, people fail to understand that local SEO is also an integral and important aspect of SEO. Thus, local SEO tips should be employed along with the organic ones.

Here are a few tips that any digital marketing agency applies to outrank your competitors.

Don’t Ignore the Local Link Building Opportunities

Link building is an important step for running any SEO campaign – whether local or organic. For a local link building exercise, you can also focus on those backlink source websites that are reputable and trusted but are not directly connected to your type of business. So, while you are offering utility services, you can use the portals of a donation drive happening in your area or a community event as your backlink source.

Select the Keywords Keeping in Mind the Local Competition

The keywords are related to your business domain and hence using them in content helps in driving the traffic to the required page. Hence, choose these wisely keeping in mind the local traffic. Whether you are operating a brick and mortar store or online store offering products or services, the idea is to tap the local community. The digital marketing strategy should be devised in such a manner that you are visible at the precise moment when a potential customer is looking for the kind of service that you offer.

Segregate Your Selected Keywords into 2 Groups

The selected keywords should be broadly classified into two groups, which are Buying and Research Intent. For Buying, intent-specific keywords are those when a person is actually looking for a product or service. For instance, a business owner searching for ‘SEO company in Bangalore’ actually wants to hire the services to improve the visibility of his business in the digital world. There are also instances when a person searches for something just for information purpose. This is where Research Intent keywords come into play. The local SEO tips dictate that one should focus more on buying intent keywords as they are the ones that drive business leads and result in conversions.

Focus on Meta Description

A meta description is a snippet of around 155 characters, which actually summarizes the page’s content. Though this is not important in determining the ranking anymore, they are still important as they help in getting the user to click-through once the search results are displayed. It should have a simple but crisp summary of what the user will find on your site. So, a meta description of let’s say ‘digital marketing agency in Delhi’ should mention the name of the business along with words like leading or best and should have the mention of the core services it offers. End it with a strong call to action with a contact number. This motivates the user to directly get in touch with you without the need of scrolling down the page further.

Service Area Pages

If you are offering products or services in multiple locations, it is highly recommended to have separate pages for each of these locations. This helps in improving the visibility when a user tries to search using location filters. Each of these pages should be optimized and should be complete with respect to title, description of your core services and it should also include a geographical keyword.

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It is of utmost importance to have a higher visibility in local searches. The tips and tricks keep evolving with time, but these are few of the time-tested ones that always work to outrank your competitors.

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