A Hijabi’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Vacation

Vacations, as ironic as this may sound, can be a lot of work. For a hijabi and to fit her lifestyle this work can get even more stressful but don’t you worry, we have the complete guide for all the hijabis planning a stress-free vacation.

Here are 9 hijabi tips when travelling for a vacation:

Start packing early and smartly!

We tend to over pack and that can become a hassle when you have to walk around with your luggage. Hence it is important to start packing early and smartly so that we pack everything that is important! Plan your outfits before-hand and keep those only, keep uppers for short sleeved shirts that are too cute to not wear and instead of packing hijabs to go with every outfit just pack basic colors like black, white and beige. These go with almost everything! Also, keep a fresh hijab cap for everyday if you plan to repeat the scarves. This will save lots of space in your suitcase and all the unnecessary post-vacation washing.

Pack your carry-on smartly!

If you are traveling for long hours and won’t have your luggage close by for the whole duration of the travel, then keep an extra set of clothing in your carry on. But with that, also make sure that you keep an extra scarf and lots of pins safely secured in your bag’s pocket, you don’t want to lose hijab pins. Also, this goes without saying, keep extra sanitary pads and undergarments in case your periods decide to surprise you.

Pins, lots and lots of pins

No matter how many pins you have it’s just not enough! Those get lost like anything so just keep an extra pack of scarf pins with you or you can simply buy instant fashionable hijabs from Bokitta and you can travel pin-free!

The Bathrooms!

If you are staying at a hotel while on a vacation, then make sure to find one with separate bathrooms for men and women, because it gets really difficult to keep the head covering for a complete 24 hours. Also, make sure you do Wuzu/Ablution before you leave your place of stay so even if you encounter gender neutral bathrooms while exploring your vacation destination, you don’t have to worry about wuzu.

Make sure your hair is securely tied

Tie your hair securely into a bun or ponytail before you put on the hijab. If you are travelling for long hours then make sure that you don’t have your bun or ponytail made too high, to avoid discomfort and restlessness while you try to sleep with your head against the seat.

Choose the material of your head scarf carefully!

The material of your head scarf is extremely important. If your vacation plans involve physical activity, then don’t use scarves of slippery material. Pack lighter material for hot countries and scarves of warmer material for colder climates such as chiffon hijabs.

Burkini and Active-Wear Hijab:

Just because we choose to cover our head in a certain way doesn’t mean that we have to compromise on all the fun! All it takes is packing your clothes smartly. If you are travelling to a place with a beach and love to go into the water, then just make sure you have a burkini with you. Also, if hiking is part of your vacation then take active-wear hijabs that are easy to wear and tend to remain securely placed even after too much physical activity.

Wash your hair on time:

Wet hair under your hijab can damage your hair. If you don’t have a hairdryer with you, then wash your hair a few hours before you have to leave so that they dry before you wear the hijab. Also, if you don’t plan on washing your hair then make sure you have a shower cap to keep your hair dry while you cleanse the rest of your body.

Be ready with the answers:

If you are travelling to a Non-Muslim country, chances are at least one person is going to ask you why you wear a hijab. When I travel to a new destination, I always come up with witty answers. If that has happened with you as well, feel free to drop those in the comments!


No matter where you go how difficult things may seem like, remember that it is your vacation so try to relax and just have fun!

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