5 Low Maintenance Decking Options

When most people think of decking, timber used to be the first material to come to mind. While timber decking looks extraordinary at its best, when it is at its worst it can leave a lot of work to the house owners. Timber is prone to rotting and the upkeep can be a lot of work. From sanding and painting, to oiling and varnishing, keeping a timber deck looking its best is no easy feat. This is why there are alternatives to timber decks that should be considered. Low maintenance and less fuss avoid rotting timber with these five alternatives.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a great alternative to straight solid timber, as it combines wood fibres with recycled plastic. The great thing about composite decking is that you can have all the look of a timber deck, with a lot less maintenance and upkeep. It is less likely to splinter, and it is less likely to rot as well, so you do not have to worry too much about the safety and structural integrity of the deck.

This is great especially in the harsh Australian climate, where materials that are exposed to the elements have to be durable and tough. Since it uses recycled plastics along with the wood fibres, you do not have to worry about termites either and that also means it is a great alternative to pavers and cement to have around the pool.

That also means you can have that hot tub on the deck without having to worry so much about the water damaging the wood. To clean, it just needs a good hose down every once and awhile, to keep it looking it’s very best. Find out more about composite decking at this local Melbourne supplier.

Aluminium Decking

These days, it would take you a moment to realise that aluminium deck is not in fact timber with the way it looks. As you can get aluminium decking that resembles wood grain, you can have the aesthetic of timber without the associated issues and maintenance that comes with it. With powder finishes that can protect it against the UV rays from the sun, which means not only can it withstand harsher conditions, it is also resistant to fading. No rot, no splintering and no having to consistently sand, oil or varnish- aluminium is a great low- maintenance alternative.


Bamboo Decking

One of the newest players in the building material world, at least around Australia, bamboo has fast become a popular choice of material for projects like decking. Not only is it an extremely sustainable material, it is one of the most aesthetic looking timbers. While it does need to be treated, it can be considered low maintenance since it is very durable compared to other types of wood. Being an exotic hardwood, it is very resistant to water damage and rot. This means that you are less likely having to replace or repair parts of your deck in the long run. It also ages wonderfully, while it may fade, it fades to a very elegant grey colour- which can be quite desirable. Being from quite a large tree, it can come in longer beams as well, meaning that it can be more structurally strong.


Metal Grating

Do not look past metal grating when planning your decking. If you are looking for a material that is both low maintenance and affordable, then you should strongly consider metal grating for your deck. It is not only durable, but it is also fire-resistant so you can have more peace of mind using things like barbecues, wood fires and candles on your deck. It is understandable structurally strong, easy to install and very easy to clean. Being a very stable material too, it only needs a very minimal structure to hold it up, so it is a great option if you are using it for more a balcony style decking.


Porcelain Pavers

If you are looking for one of the most low maintenance and customisable decking options, then porcelain pavers have to be on your list. They are extremely versatile and durable, being able to use on top of earth, as well as grass and gravel. Resistant to fading, stains and durable against the harshest weather conditions- you can even have porcelain pavers that resemble wood grain, so you can still get that classic decking look that most people desire. Have them adjacent to the house, use them to create a deck in the middle of the property or a great option to create a decking space around a pool or spa. The best bit, they are very easy to clean so you cannot go wrong when it comes to purchasing porcelain pavers for your decking.


While timber is always a classic choice for a deck, these options are a great alternative if you are looking for something that is low maintenance in comparison. Everybody has different wants, desires, needs and budgets, so think outside the box when it comes to building your deck and do not get stuck with a deck that you are not going have the time or the energy to maintain.


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