5 Best Instagram Marketing Tips for Fashion Bloggers

Nowadays there are so many fashion bloggers out there, it is hard to stand out. But if you follow these steps you can grow fast on Instagram as a fashion blogger. If you are a fashion blogger then follow this step by step guide to learn how to become Instagram famous fashion blogger and grow your blog in no time.

Fashion is one of the biggest industry all over the world. The fashion world is growing very fast. Everyone wants to follow the latest fashion trends to look beautiful. Fashion bloggers are the peoples who promote new latest fashion trends and encourage peoples to follow these latest trends.

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media apps with more than 1 billion active members. Many Blogger, Social Media Marketers, Business owners, and brands are already promoting their businesses, products, and services on Instagram to reach their target audience. If you are not on Instagram till yet then start your Fashion blogger career on Instagram and drive traffic to your blog.

There are so many tips for fashion bloggers but here are some best Instagram Marketing tips for fashion bloggers 

1- Make Killer Instagram Bio:

After creating a fashion blog then create your Instagram account for your fashion blog. Your Instagram bio should be effective. There should be enough information about your bio. It includes what is your name, what is your location and what is the kind of business you are doing. You should include details of your skills, hobby, interest or profession. Use keywords for your bio, it will increase your searchability. So bloggers of particular bio can be easily findable and reachable. Your bio is the first thing at which readers, followers, and customers reach when they go through your Instagram account.

2- Engage with your Followers: 

No Matter if you are a small fashion blogger with very fewer followers or you are big fashion bloggers with Millions of follower stay engage with your followers. Reply to all comments, Like their stuff and engage with them so they will engage with you back. If you don’t have time to like other peoples stuffs then use Instagram Auto Liker to stay engaged with all of your followers. The more your stay engaged with your followers the more followers and engagement you will get.

3- Request the leaving visitor to follow you:

There are lots of people who visit your profile based on the tags that you have created. When you become active on Instagram there are lots of people who visit your profile daily. When a visitor complete reading your profile and about to leave, you should ask him to quickly follow your profile on Instagram. If you are a fashion blogger then visitors become happy by following you as they see a lot of trendy things and stuff about fashion on your profile.

4- Collaborate with other Fashion bloggers:

The great thing to increase your followers and grow fast on Instagram is to collaborate with other fashion bloggers. Because you both are working on the same niche so this way you will encourage your followers to follow them and they will encourage their followers to follow you. This wya you both will get benifits as you both have the same niche and same audince. This is another best way to increse your followers fast on Instagram.

5- Drive Traffic to your Blog from Instagram: 

If you are selling fashion products or services then convert your followers into sales. Use Instagram to drive traffic to your fashion blog, website or sale pages to get more traffic, leads and sales. Instagram is the best way to drive traffic to your blog. Instagram allows you to add your website or blog link in your bio. Adding link in your Instagram bio can give you a lot of traffic from Instagram every day. All you have to do is Insert your website link in your bio and add a caption and encourage your followers to click on that link to get more traffic from Instagram.

Final Words:

Instagram is the best place for a fashion blogger to grow fast. Because Instagram engagement rate is higher than any other social media platform. So you will get more engagements and more reach from Instagram. Many fashion bloggers already using Instagram to market their blogs and business and you can also use Instagram to market your Business. Above are the tips that can help you to grow fast on Instagram. If you have any question feel free to ask me in the comment section.


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